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Museum collections are an integral and fundamental element of the museum, the contents of which determine the type of museum. The Macao Museum is an integrated museum that illustrates the history and livelihood of Macao’s people. Its collections can be categorised into Macao history, people’s livelihood, arts and archaeology. Major collected works include Chinese paintings and calligraphy, Western paintings, ceramics, religious works of art, historic photographs, archives, costumes and daily necessities, etc., some of which are acquired by the generous donation of residents and social institutions. Donations have always been the cornerstone of the Macao Museum collections.

The Macao Museum acquires and enriches its collections primarily through donation, purchase, institutional transfer and deposit. One of the characteristics of the Macao Museum is its reflection of the historical significance behind the collections by exhibiting works of different periods of Macao, thereby revealing the real historical value inherent in the works.


Appreciation of Selected Collections of Macao Museum :


Macao Museum presents Donation Certificate to Lew Yuk Lin’s descendant

In recognition to Lew Yuk Lin’s descendant for his donation of family artefacts, ......

Chief Executive Receives Macao Museum’s Relics Donor

Chief Executive of the Macao SAR Edmund Ho and President of the Cultural Affairs ......