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Macao Museum presents Donation Certificate to Lew Yuk Lin’s descendant

In recognition to Lew Yuk Lin’s descendant for his donation of family artefacts, Mr. Ung Vai Meng, president of the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC), presented a donation certificate to Lau Ka Meng’s family members on behalf of the Macao Museum under the auspices of IC; in addition, Lau’s name will be included on the ‘Roll of Donors’ of the museum. The Macao Museum has expressed its thanks and appreciation for the valuable donation made by Lau Ka Meng’s family members, Ms. Chan Sio Tim and Ms. Lao Cheng Man.

The artefacts donated by the Lau family are now on display in the main hall of the Macao Museum, including significant artefacts such as Lew Yuk Lin’s official photograph, medals and badges from the late Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China Period, and a microscope from the late 19th Century. Since its establishment in 1998, the Macao Museum has placed a ‘Roll of Donors’ in its main hall to acknowledge and thank the individuals and organisations who have made significant donations or contributions to the museum; it is hoped that the ‘Roll of Donors’ can raise public concern for cultural heritage and encourage people in all sectors to support cultural development. The donation activities have been generously supported by many people over more than a dozen years, reflecting that Macao residents attach importance to local culture and history, thus giving impetus to the transmission, conservation and study of local culture.

Lew Yuk Lin (1862-1942), a native of Xiangshan, in Guangdong, was part of those included in the fourth batch of students sent to the United States in 1875. He started his diplomatic career in 1886. Following this, he was appointed Consul General of the Qing Dynasty in Singapore and South Africa, imperial envoy of the Qing Dynasty in Great Britain, and later Extraordinary Envoy and Minister Plenipotentiary of the Republic of China in Great Britain. He worked in different responsible positions related to foreign affairs during the Qing Dynasty and the Republic. Lew Yuk Lin lived in Macao since 1923 and was officially appointed Chinese representative of the Macao General Assembly during his stay. He died in Macao in 1942.

Publish date : 2015-09-17