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Free WiFi in Macao Museum

In order to follow the rapid development of the information age, the public services are increasingly important to the computerization of their services.

While a reference for local cultural tourism, the Macao Museum launched to enjoy 90 minutes free Internet access of mobile phones for residents and visitors with faster access to the information of the Macao Museum, from 1st June, 2017.

Publish date : 2017-06-01


Exhibition “Assemblage of Treasures – Exhibition of the Macao Museum Collection in Celebration of the 20th Anniversary” opens on Friday

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Macao Museum organizes various activities to mark the International Museum Day Carnival

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Activity Award Scheme

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Macao Museum inaugurates “Treasure from the Deep Sea - Exhibition of Underwater Archaeological Relics of the Nanhai No. 1”

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“Spring Festival Thematic Exhibition in Macao” presented at Kun Iam Ecumenical Centre during Lunar New Year

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