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The 26th Macao International Music Festival presents Four Fascinating Shows at Mount Fortress

Music fans can once again enjoy passionate, resonating experiences in this October’s International Music Festival, which presents six free evening shows in the Mount Fortress Garden. Audiences are sure to be captivated by inspired melodies and dancing under a starry sky.

*Residents and tourists can access the concert via the south entrance of Mount Fortress Garden or by the main entrance of the Macao Museum.

1.Aurea – Live on Tour 2012 (Portugal)
26/10/2012 (Friday) 8:00pm
Free admission
Duration: approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, no interval

2. O Mistério: Teresa Salgueiro (Portugal)
27/10/2012 (Saturday) 8:00pm
Free admission
Duration: approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes, no interval

3. Ain't That Swinging in Mount Fortress! :Fried Neuronium (Portugal)and local Jazz Bands
28/10/2012 (Sunday) 6:00pm
Free admission
Duration: approximately 3 hours, including one interval

4. Tai Chi Band (Hong Kong S.A.R.)
2/11/2012 (Friday) 3:00pm
Free admission
Duration: approximately 1 hour, no interval