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Recent Exhibitions       


Treasure from the Deep Sea - Exhibition of Underwater Archaeological Relics of the Nanhai No. 1

2018/4/18 - 2018/7/31

Nanhai No.1 shipwreck is the world’s existing richest and fullest aggregate of artifacts that reflect the culture of the Maritime Silk Routes. According to the site of its sinking and the characteristics of its artifacts, Nanhai No.1 was a civilian trade ship that set sail from Quanzhou Port during the Song dynasty. It was a Foochow junk, which is among the three major types of ships in ancient China. It was named Nanhai No.1 because it sank in the waters of the South China Sea on the Maritime Silk Routes and it was the first shipwreck that the China underwater archaeological team discovered there.

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the Macao Museum hosts this exhibition in collaboration with the Maritime Silk Road Museum of Guangdong and with the support from the Guangdong Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology. In so doing the museum participates in advancing the cultural exchange with the “Belt-and-Road Initiative” countries and regions, acts jointly in the Guangdong – Hong Kong – Macao cooperation, and re-envisages the prosperity of the ancient seaways on the Maritime Silk Routes. We hope that the exhibition deepens the audience’s understanding of Nanhai No.1 through appreciating the salvaged artifacts, the long-rested stacked objects, and the sailors’ belongings.

  • Venue : Exhibition Gallery, 3rd floor of Macao Museum
  • Opening Hours : Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 6pm (Ticket booth closes 5:30pm)
  • Admission : Admission Fee

Catalogue Exhibition in Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Macao Museum

2018/3/26 - 2018/08/30

In order to celebrate its 20th anniversary, the Macao Museum, under the auspices of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, organises the ‘Catalogue Exhibition in Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Macao Museum’, currently open at the Kun Iam Ecumenical Centre until 30th August. Admission is free.

The Macao Museum officially opened to the public on 18 April 1998 as a comprehensive museum showcasing Macao history and culture, and it has held numerous exhibitions on a variety of themes since its establishment.

After a careful selection of the historical and academic theme of each exhibition, a catalogue is compiled with details of the respective research and exhibits, bringing together the collective wisdom and meticulous dedication of the various professionals working at the Museum. Each catalogue is the result of the joint efforts made in pursuit of perfection and excellence.

  • Venue : Avenida de Sun Yat-sen, Kun Iam Ecumenical Centre
  • Opening Hours : 10am - 6pm (Closed on Fridays)
  • Admission : Free Admission