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Cultural Affairs Bureau launches cultural and creative products inspired by museums’ collections through multiple sales channels in order to enhance cultural soft power

In order to promote the development of cultural and creative industries in Macao, strengthen the innovative application of local cultural and museum resources, and boost the design and production of cultural and creative products featuring local history and culture, the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC, from the Portuguese acronym) has developed 18 distinctive cultural and creative products in five series, by integrating creative design, everyday aesthetics and popular culture with the abundant collections of the Macao Museum and the Macao Museum of Art. These products will be on sale at a number of locations in Macao from March.

Cultural value and its connotations are the core of cultural and creative products, and Macao boasts a rich cultural background thanks to over four centuries of coexistence and fusion of Chinese and Western cultures. The two museums have accumulated an array of precious cultural relics and artworks over the years. A total of 18 cultural and creative products in five series were developed based on a range of representative collections of the museums, including sketches by George Chinnery, the renowned British artist who sojourned in Macao; carved pear-shaped vases from the imperial kiln of the Ming Emperor Hongwu’s reign; Shiwan ceramic lions and Kraak porcelain, featuring novel designs that are notable for their beauty and function. These products include openwork metal bookmarks, document folders, ceramic coasters, washi tape and cotton handkerchiefs.

IC hopes to highlight the cultural value and connotations of the collections by cultural and creative means, and establish the brand image of local museums. Working with the trends towards the development of “integration of culture and tourism”, IC actively participates in the development of distinctive cultural and creative products, and enhances the cultural soft power of Macao.

The project for the development of cultural and creative products is led by IC, with products jointly developed by IC and the company Meet Culture Ltd. All products are on sale at the gift shop on the first floor of the Macao Museum of Art, and residents and tourists are welcome to purchase. Some products are also available from the vending machines at the Macao Tower, Departure Hall of Macau International Airport, Level 1 of the Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal, Broadway Macau, Macau Fisherman’s Wharf and Studio City.

For details of product specifications, information of museum’s collections, product prices and sales locations, please visit the websites of the Macao Museum ( and of the Macao Museum of Art (

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The Macao Museum is a space dedicated to the history and culture of Macao, possessed of a vast number of objects of historical and cultural value, which demonstrate the way of life of the various communities that have inhabited the city for centuries.