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Macao Museum of the Cultural Affairs Bureau extends the exhibition “A Pearl of the Sea” until 6 Sept

In order to “fight the pandemic with culture” and allow more time for the public to visit, the Macao Museum of the Cultural Affairs Bureau has extended the exhibition “A Pearl of the Sea – Exhibition of Macao’s Urban Evolution” until 6 September. Through this exhibition visitors may get to know in depth Macao’s extraordinary achievements at all levels over the last two decades since the handover.

The exhibition is divided into four sections, namely “Geographical Change”, “Past View and New Image”, “Infrastructure Constructions” and “A New Chapter”, illustrating the urban changes of Macao since the 19th century. A total of 101 exhibits are showcased in the form of maps, photographs, physical objects from Macao’s handover ceremony, and different sets of backgrounds, in order to present the evolution of Macao from a small fishing village to a metropolis. One of the highlights of the exhibition is the National Day pailou (a decorated arch) erected in the main hall of the museum. The structure captures the style and craftsmanship of the pailou constructed by local residents to celebrate the National Day in the last century, which is significant for the depiction of the historical landscape of Macao.

To further prevent the spread of the pandemic, cleaning and disinfection procedures have been reinforced in the Macao Museum; upon entry, all visitors are required to wear face masks, undergo body temperature checks, present their personal health declarations and cooperate with crowd control measures. All hands-on exhibits and guided tours are temporarily out of service. Visitors can scan the QR code inside the museum by using their mobile phones for details about the exhibits and enjoy self-guided tours.

The Macao Museum is open daily from 10am to 6pm and is closed on Mondays. For more information about the exhibition, please contact the Macao Museum on 2835 7911 during office hours, or visit or

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The Macao Museum is a space dedicated to the history and culture of Macao, possessed of a vast number of objects of historical and cultural value, which demonstrate the way of life of the various communities that have inhabited the city for centuries.