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Traditional Industries

Firecrackers, joss sticks and match manufacturing were major traditional industries and exports in Macao in the 20th Century. The firecrackers industry, which made its appearance in the late 19th Century, came to an end in the 1990s following the closure of the Po Sing Firecracker Factory.

The matches industry flourished in the 1920s but saw a decline in the 1970s in Macao. The fifty years history, though transient, marked the production of matches recognised as the best in the Far East. In addition to catering for the needs of the local market, Macao supplied Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland, Southeast Asia, Europe and America.

Several joss stick factories remain in Macao today, operated as small workshops.

Herbal tea, traditional Chinese medicine and cake shops are familiar to the Macao people in daily life. Nowadays, some of these shops still preserve the tradition, while some have modernised; the Chinese culture they embrace, however, has never changed.