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Urban Development and Macao Handover

According to records, the total area of Macao in its early days approximated just 2.78 square kilometres. This small speck of land was one of the earliest places to receive Europeans. Chinese-style architecture prevailed in Macao in those days, while local temples strictly followed the conventional style. Since the arrival of the Portuguese, Macao has seen the continued emergence of a variety of architectural styles and colours which have integrated with different cultures and arts and gradually shaped the splendid and unique cityscape of Macao.

China resumed sovereignty over Macao with the establishment of the Macao SAR Government on 20th December 1999. The enforcement of the Basic Law of Macao seeks to ensure social stability and lay the foundations for the future development of the Macao SAR. It symbolises the spirit of the Macao people, the masters of Macao who embark upon a new era in history.