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Macau is a city with long history of cultural exchange between east and west. Your precious donation to the Macao Museum, no matter its value, will enrich the history of the city, as well as to contribute memories for future generations.

The Macao Museum has been devoting an effort for its collection relating to the history, culture and daily life of Macao. Collections will be highly treasured and preserved for research and exhibition purposes. Thus, your generous donation to the Macao Museum — a great treasure bank of cultural exchange, can benefit our new generations to have further knowledge of the history of Macao and for us to recall the passions of past life. At the same time, it also provides an opportunity for visitors to learn the past aspects and changes of Macao.

In its ongoing campaign to collect historical relics that are of great art value and relevant to the city, the Macao Museum has accepted many generous donations from its citizens, reflecting the enthusiasm and support from Macao residents and enterprises for local museums.


Macao Museum presents Donation Certificate to Lew Yuk Lin’s descendant

In recognition to Lew Yuk Lin’s descendant for his donation of family artefacts, ......

Chief Executive Receives Macao Museum’s Relics Donor

Chief Executive of the Macao SAR Edmund Ho and President of the Cultural Affairs ......