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Macao Museum

Zheng Guanying Memorial Museum

Zheng Guanying (1842-1921; original name, Zhangying; another name Guanying; courtesy name, Zhengxiang; pseudonyms, Taozhai and Luofu Zhi He Shan Ren (“Hermit Crane Raiser of Luofu”) was a native of Xiangshan County (today’s Zhongshan City) in Guangdong Province. He was a pioneering thinker who initiated the exploration of ideas of liberal democracy and science in modern China. He was also an industrialist, educator, literary writer, humanitarian and patriot. Words of Warning in Times of Prosperity, which Zheng wrote while living in his Macao residence – which is today called the Mandarin House, has been called a masterpiece. It shaped the thinking of Emperor Guangxu and the views of millions of people, moreover, influenced generations of statesmen, including Sun Yat-sen and Mao Zedong. The Museum has four sections ─ “Ideas on Reform”, “Practice in Self-Strengthening Movement”, “One Hundred Years of Change in the Mandarin House” and “Charity Work”. Through the exhibition of related relics of Zheng Guanying and his family, including writings, documents, correspondence, the family’s historical data, etc., we hope to introduce Zheng Guanying's life history and his role in the development of modern Chinese national enterprises, and also introduce the history of the Zheng’s family, and the family’s contribution to charity.

Address: No. 10, Travessa de António da Silva, the Mandarin's House

Opening hours: 10am to 6pm (no admittance after 5:30pm) (Closed on Wednesdays; Open on public holidays)

Free admission

For enquires:

Phone: Please call (853) 8504 0902 during office hours.




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