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Macao Museum


  The Macao Museum is located in Mount Fortress. It was built by the Jesuits in the 17th century, and opened on 18th April, 1998. The Fortress adjacent to the Ruins of St. Paul's was the city's principal military defence for almost three centuries. In 1965, the Fortress was converted into the former Meteorological Service. On 15th July, 2005, the Historic Centre of Macao was inscribed on the World Heritage List, and the Mount Fortress figures among the significant historical monuments of the Centre.

The Museum consists of two underground levels and a third located on the topmost level of the Fortress, where the former Meteorological Service was housed. The architectural character of the site and its particular configuration have been retained and preserved. The Macao Museum is a space dedicated to the history and culture of Macao, possessed of a vast number of objects of historical and cultural value , which demonstrate the way of life of the various communities that have inhabited the city for centuries.

Different permanent exhibitions are on display inside this three-level Museum:

Genesis of Macao Region (1st floor):

1st floor – Presentation of the history of Macao,commercial activities, religions and cultures of the two civilizations;

Popular Arts and Traditions in Macao (2nd floor):

2nd floor – Different aspects of traditions and popular art of Macao; as well as religious ceremonies and traditional festivals;

Contemporary Macao (3rd floor):

3rd floor – Contemporary Macao with various aspects of city life. The way Macao has been portrayed in literature and the arts is prominently highlighted


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