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Entertainment and Chinese Opera

Macao is a place where Chinese and Westerners live in harmony. As most of the Chinese are natives of Guangdong and Fujian, Macao is enriched with folk entertainment and regional characteristics. The most common entertainment activities are Cantonese Opera, Chinese puppet plays, and cricket fighting, etc.

Cantonese Opera is a regional opera genre in China performed in the Guangzhou dialect. Popular in Macao, Hong Kong, Guangdong and Guangxi, Cantonese Opera has influenced Macao residents for generations.

Puppet plays have a long history in China and comprise a wide variety of genres. Puppets displayed at the Macao Museum primarily include the rod puppet from Guangdong, wire puppet from Chaozhou, and the string puppet from Fujian.

Cricket fighting is a traditional form of Chinese game mostly conducted at the beginning of Summer and early Autumn. In step with social advancement, this form of recreation among Macao residents has seen great change. Nevertheless, traditional games are still favoured by Macao people.